Linking Up to our Community

Dairy Creek Farm & Produce believes in the importance of buying and supporting local businesses and organizations in our community.  For us it's the area and small towns surrounding our farm in NW Oregon, such as Banks, Manning, Buxton, Timber and Vernonia.  This is our thanks to the local businesses who have shown support to us.  Please, show support for your local farms & businesses.          Debi & David Wyckoff

Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce

We are a proud member of Tri County Farms an organization of local farms from Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah counties. We are over sixty farms strong and each year we distribute tens of thousands of free copies of our guides to folks who are looking for a local farm experience.  You can pick up a guide at your local library, city office, various stores and businesses including any of the New Seasons stores.  If you can visit our website - it is has all that the guide has plus so much more.  You can even join our e-mail members list and you too can receive the farmer's e-mail alerts letting you know when the different crops are ready and what's currently happening at their farm.  

Buxton Feed Company

Buxton Feed Company can formulate your feed for you.  Give Jim a call today @ 503-324-1511. 

Vernonia Florist

Flowers and arrangements for any occasion go see Lisa and Ben Edgar downtown Vernonia or call 503-429-2000.