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Dairy Creek Farm & Produce is just over eighteen acres including Dairy Creek that runs across the northern end with timber raising up just behind the creek.  The rich farm land has been known for decades for growing fine fruits and vegetables and our family's vision was to do just that. 

We added an hydroponic system last year allowing us to safely grow various organic greens out of reach of visiting elk and deer.  However nearly all of our blueberry plants have been destroyed by the elk feeding off them so we plan to relocate the the few blueberry plants that have survived and put up a barrier that will hopefully keep the elk  away from the blueberries.  

We are constructing an aquaponic system this year.  Aquaponics is a more ego friendly system which will conserve water usage, allow us to  lower the systems food costs, expand our growing season and eventually provide fish to harvest.    

Pollination is one of the keys to a bountiful crop which is why we keep several bee hives and land host another 100+ hives which has increased our honey supply.  As novice bee keepers we have a huge learning curve but we continue to gain knowledge and skill plus we consult regularly with an apiary expert.  We sell raw honey, bee pollen, beeswax candles, propolis extract and continue to grow our apitherapy product line.  Call or submit an e-mail at the bottom of this page if you would like more information about our honey bee products. 

Each spring we have swarms which are amazing to watch.  Take a look at this swarm that landed in one of our apple trees.  Thousands of bees swarm around their queen in search of a new home.  David is getting very good at directing swarms into a new box and suddenly they have a new home and we have a new hive.


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